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Brandon Portrait

I’m Brandon Babb.
I impact companies by encouraging others and leading by example.
I’m also a design and development geek who loves to automate.



Full-stack Developer
Adventures in Missions | 2022-Current

IMPACT: Led several major highly technical transitions in a limited time span. Accomplished major goals for its departments.

  • Led a major migration of web systems from custom ASP to modern platforms. Designed new systems, migrated legacy data, and trained staff in a limited timeframe. Our success allowed the organization to have much more control over its properties.
  • Innovated a data warehouse between 5 systems which enables dynamic dashboards for department leaders.
  • Saved $40k annually by migrating non-essential Asana projects to Basecamp and migrating from Hubspot to ActiveCampaign.
  • Innovated closely with department teams to fully redesign their customer journeys with hundreds of automations, saving countless hours of work.
  • Reenvisioned several websites including and on tight deadlines.
  • Managed a team of two staff and two freelancers.
  • Partially self-fundraised salary.
Senior Manager: Strategic Partnerships & Multimedia
Adventures in Missions | Eswatini, Africa | 2020-2022

IMPACT: Pioneered during nationwide riots, COVID-19, and the loss of a major 10-year partnership. Accomplished major goals and helped grow the ministry.

  • Was invited to the senior leadership team during COVID-19, historic nationwide riots, and the loss of our main partner organization. Served as part of a smaller core team that innovated organization vision, core values, ministry overview materials for partners, and helped shape organizational culture.
  • Invited to a special vision team to strategize the use and programming for a donated plot of land. Helped pioneer and lead the program which is now called Umdoni – a restorative farming and leadership campus.
  • Led a staff of eight and was part of a smaller core team that developed leadership curriculum and helped teach our leadership school’s students.
  • Helped innovate storytelling by co-leading and organizing a 17 episode Vlog series
  • Assisted with design, logistics, and oversight of special building projects across the nation.
  • During a time of critical transition, led the website development, migration, and training for child profile records from my custom web application to a fully featured SAS sponsorship tool hosted on
  • Helped represent our organization when the mayor targeted our programs and attempted to block development.
  • Continued supporting previous roles through training staff to fill required needs.
  • 100% Self-fundraised salary
Partner Relations and Administration
Adventures in Missions | Eswatini, Africa | 2018-2020

IMPACT: Turned around a department where half of staff were dismissed over ethics into a top performing department through servant leadership and vision casting.

  • Was invited to the operations leadership team, and was the main point of contact between our primary partner organization and senior leadership. In addition to serving on the “dream team” and often led in organizing minutes.
  • Overcame constraints by developing customized web application to house 10,000+ child profile records.
  • Helped give full operational visibility via custom web dashboard into the number of children served including a million check in records.
  • Built processes to improve partner engagement through storytelling rating metrics and review scores.
  • Designed and managed the first computer lab that could support wifi-enabled training materials without requiring internet access.
  • Revived our donated laptop graveyard through innovating Libuntu install processes and migrated most staff off of Windows. This dramatically reduced incidents of viruses and ransomware attacks so we could focus on work.
  • After years of effort curating materials, built which has helped people see the bigger picture of the organization’s vision and mission in Eswatini.
  • Continued supporting previous roles through training protege staff. Many staff are still with the organization.
  • 100% Self-fundraised salary.
Base IT Manager
Adventures in Missions | Eswatini, Africa | 2016-2018

IMPACT: Empowered staff through training, accountability, and infrastructure while improving partner relations and building brands.

  • Innovated a new program to train interns from local technical colleges in IT and multimedia which increased output with minimal cost. This program has expanded each year and has helped five students graduate college.
  • Was invited to a three-person “Dream Team” oriented to help senior leadership set culture and vision for the operations leadership team.
  • Reinvented and refined employee review processes several times to help ensure employees could be reviewed fairly and could review their supervisors anonymously.
  • Kept partners informed on developments across the organization, increasing awareness through social media, website, videos, crowd-fundraisers, presentations, print materials, and email marketing campaigns. This required serious innovation to upload full HD videos using 75-150kbps internet, which led to the development of advanced multimedia and website speed optimization techniques.
  • Encouraged the main four program leaders by supporting their departments through custom branding and logos, which helped increase their ability to fundraise and network.
  • Reformed IT for our 115 staff members including device and network support, and staff training.
  • Innovated a localized library of over 30GB of training videos which could be installed on computers to help staff self-train without internet access.
  • 100% Self-fundraised salary.
Frontend Developer
CHG Healthcare | 2014-2015

IMPACT: Innovated beyond software limitations to ensure targets were exceeded.

  • Led the push to transition email and landing page processes to become mobile-friendly, which led to increased engagement.
  • Innovated to overcome Salesforce Marketing Cloud constraints by form hijacking and developing a customized web application to build emails from large codebases. Increase the quality of landing pages and emails without slowing development time.
  • Worked closely with the creative team to dream big for several promotional websites including Locum
  • Trained new hire to increase team capacity while lowering costs for email development.
  • Accepted extra responsibilities to assist in managing intranet WordPress websites.
Richter7 | 2013-2014

IMPACT: Collaborated and built amazing experiences by hand for major brands.

  • Innovated solutions for highly customized website projects specializing in front-end development.
  • Brainstormed in teams and interfaced with clients to bring exciting and often award-winning end products.

Client work includes the development of websites, email marketing, and marketing automation. Worked on projects for Wendy’s, WCF, Mrs, Fields Cookies, and Park City Visitors Bureau.

Web & Media Designer
Orchid Event Solutions | 2010-2013

IMPACT: Helped build a culture and a brand from the ground up.

  • Rebuilt and optimized the Orchid Event Solutions website, doubled traffic
  • Fully Rebranded Company’s Identity (Website, Print, Internal Docs, Banners, etc)
  • Led in company vision committee as part of the “Gang of Three”, who helped forge the company’s core values and mission statement from the ground up.
  • Nominated to join the HR company culture team, which helped plan events and gifts for staff appreciation
  • Led a modernization frontend development campaign during nights and weekends to bring our software some much-needed UX changes
  • Implemented Speed Optimizations through Testing and Reporting – Improved rankings to A grades
  • Built email Marketing campaigns, multilingual microsites, videos, UI/UX designs, and more.


ActiveCampaign Level 1 Fundamentals

2023 | Certified

CIW Web Design Specialist

2014 | Certified

CIW Web Foundations Associate

2014 | Certified

Engage Fundamentals Certification

2014 | Certified

Microsoft Office Specialist

2004 | Certified | CIS Computer Literacy


University of Utah

2006-2008 | BS, Speech Communication

Activities: Campus Crusade, Student Government, The Daily Utah Chronicle.

Dixie State College

2004 – 2006 | AS, General Education

Activities: Campus Crusade, Interclub Council, The Dixie Sun Newspaper

Supporting These Programs

Here’s some programs I’m helping with. They do awesome work and could use more support.