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That Babb Family

Welcome to ThatBabbFamily, our seven-year journey through Africa is blogged here. Although there won’t be updates at the moment, this website documents our experiences in Africa from November 2015 to July 2022. It also covers some of our experience moving back to the states.

Here, you can follow our adventures as we tried to bring about positive change in Africa and co-founded Umdoni, a leadership development permaculture farm. Although we may not have updated as frequently as we’d liked, the stories and lessons we learned are still important to us.

ThatBabbFamily is a diary of our adventure, ties to one another and some of our struggles. Read our experience in Africa and the impact it’s had on our family and the community we served there.

Umdoni Project Vlog 🎥

Our family’s experience of living in Eswatini, Africa, from November 2015 to July 2022 was transformative. During those transformative years, we co-founded Umdoni, a permaculture farm and center for leadership development, as part of our quest to make a difference. With the use of our project vlog, which consists of 14 enlightening episodes, we were able to highlight our struggles and the amazing development made at Umdoni. We cordially encourage you to watch our vlog and contribute to this continuing initiative, which thrives and motivates constructive change in our neighborhood.