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JpegMini – I still love you

Hey friends, Brandon here. I got my start in 2008 when the economy crashed. I wanted to be in a marketing and development career, but just having work was the priority. So I expanded my search and was hired at a local photo studio to help with IT and with photo editing. It really expanded my horizons and helped me have a reductionist approach to photo management.

As you can imagine when you take thousands of photos everyday, storage becomes and issue. Our work supervisor was willing to pay for standalone hard drives but not for a proper NAS solution we could keep in a server closet (remember, this was probably 2010 so the cloud existed but wasn’t as prevalent).

We ended up working a solution where we had the photos of the week pristine for edits. We’d reduce those into only the usable photos and store in our this month folder. Photos would be greatly reduced for long-term storage after a client reviewed and ordered prints. From there, we promised to keep every photo forever but were pressured to “make it work” and really struggled to get traction on new drives.

Enter JpegMini. On a folder with thousands of images that you want smaller but not ruined, this tool is your best friend. It really crushes photo sizes down without any noticeable differences. For a photo studio with hundreds of thousands of photos, 20-25% reduction is a giant boost! You can also run this on your bloated Mac Photos app library or your Adobe Lightroom library it will slim the originals and the thumbs in one pass!

For web developers this app helps by setting a set size you’d like your photos to be and it will resize without cropping and reduce the images.

Some Cons- it only supports JPG and video support exists but it’s not what I use

Update- Version 3 is not as good as version 2 was, but it’s still outstanding for photo libraries, I love that you can just drag whole folders in the app and it just works.

Check it out!

Photo credit: Annie Spratt


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